These instructions have been added to the CMS 3 Support Site:

To Upload New Video to Playlist:

1. Sign In to the YouTube account.

2. Click on 'upload' icon:

3. Click on or near 'Select files to upload' to select video file:

4. Find and select video file and click 'Open'.

5. When the video upload has processed:

  • 1. Give video a new title
  • 2. Click '+Add to playlist'
  • 3. Select playlist
  • 4. Click 'Publish'

The video is now uploaded to the playlist.

To Add Existing Video to Playlist:

1. Go to Creator Studio:


3. Click on video title:

4. Click '+Add to playlist'.

5. Select playlist.

6. Click 'Save changes':

The video has been added to the playlist.