Before following these instructions, be sure that you are signed up for an account for Canva:

Once the Canva account is created:

1. Sign into the backend of the website and click on 'Resize for Rotator..." in the Control Panel:

2. Click on 'Untitled Design' to rename, type new title, and click 'done'.

3. Click Uploads:

4.  Upload image by either:

  • Clicking 'Upload your own images'
  • Dragging and dropping the image to the page from the desktop

5.  Once the image has uploaded, refresh the webpage.

6. Once the page has been refreshed, click 'Uploads' and select the image.

7.  Click, hold, and drag the corners of the image to expand the image. To move the image around, click/hold on the image and move the mouse until it is placed as desired:

8. Click 'Download':

  • Change file type to JPG
  • Click 'Download'

9. If using a Chrome browser, click on arrow beside file name and select 'Show in folder'. If this does not appear, the file will be in the 'Downloads' folder of the computer:

If using an Internet Explorer browser, click 'save' at the bottom of the window. The file will be saved in the Downloads folder of the computer:

The image is now ready to be uploaded to the Website's Rotator.