Click the "Add Document" button.

This button is located on the Control Panel of the Administrator. 


Add in a Title

The is what the public will see and can vary from the file name. 


Choose a File by Clicking Upload

This is how to get a file from your computer. Drag a file into the screen or click Add files. When a file is in the queue, click the blue Start Upload button.


Select a Category

This identifies where the file where appear on the website. 


Click the Save & Close button

The button is located at the top right part of your screen.


Check out your work

It is a good policy to check the public view of the website to make sure your article is displayed as you intended.


Click the Document Manger to edit or remove documents

The button is located on the Control Panel of the Administrator.


Filter or Sort as needed. Documents can be unpublished or trashed similar to articles.