Articles are the main building blocks for your site. They are very versatile but at their most basic level they only need a Title, Category and a Body.


Click the "Add Article" button.

This button is located on the Control Panel of the Administrator. Click here if you need help getting in the Administrator.


Add in a Title

The website will automatically make the text larger and use the title for the headline for the article.


Choose a Category

The Category tells the website where to put your article. Please select carefully. Also, you will only have access to the categories that you have been given access to. If you need access to more categories please request them from the Administrator at your site.


Type in the Body of the article

This area is very flexible and can contain pictures, links, videos. You can also copy and paste into this area.


Click the Save button

The button is located at the top right part of your screen.


Check your work

It is a good policy to check the public view of the website to make sure your article is displayed as you intended.