GOAL: Make http://archokc.org/acp point to http://archokc.org/stewardship/assembly-of-catholic-professionals

make a short URL go to a longer URL

1. Create your content at your long URL spot. note URl: http://archokc.org/stewardship/assembly-of-catholic-professionals

*** note*** user editor must be set to code mirror to prevent stripping the code from the article in normal editor settings -- (This means you will only see HTML in the article editor view.)

2. Create a separate article from your content with the following information. Title the article: "Subject Redirect" --- this article should live in a hidden or other article category. 


<script type="text/javascript">

window.location = 'http://archokc.org/stewardship/assembly-of-catholic-professionals';



If your browser doesn't redirect automatically, please <a href="http://archokc.org/stewardship/assembly-of-catholic-professionals"> clickhere </a> to proceed.



3. Create a single article menu item on a submenu with your short URL as the alias. 

See attachment for settings example

another option: 

GOAL: Make www.archokc.org/stewardship point to www.archokc.org/stewardship-a-development/home

make a short URL go to a longer URL

Swap the text separator menu item for the category blog (home under stewardship), shorten its alias and make the text separator menu item a menu item alias to what is now www.archokc.org/stewardship