Write a short piece 1 time a week - 2 if you are moved to get something out. 

Example Topics
Thoughts on:

  • the latest news that effects Catholics / or uour Parish community
  • reflection on the readings
  • your life - anything - how/why you became a priest, a thought, a sighting, a dream, whatever
  • your own shortcomings 
  • help those afraid to go to confession

Aim to be short & sweet and funny, or serious...whatever moves you. People WANT to know you. Show them in words our Catholic Church. You will end up reaching far and wide beyond your town - people are searching for answers and they will google words and if your blog has matching words, it will be pulled up, read and lives changed.  

MANY Priests are on FB and using it as a "mini-blog".  A daily thought, a simple message. Lots of pictures. Remeber people will only see as much as you are willing to share. And even the smallest amount will work into hearts....people WANT to hear you and WANT to know what you think. People are hungry and are not just going to walk into a church - you have to "talk" them into it. 

Twitter - on your phone, SO easy, quick snippets. A fleeting thought.  Not my favorite platform, but you would reach the young....

Instagram - HUGE from your phone. You will reach kids at every age as well as adults.  Sitting in your backyard w/ your dog? Snap a pic, post it on instagram then write something quick.